Download The Kerala Story (2023) Hindi Dubbed Movies

Download The Kerala Story (2023) Hindi Dubbed Movies

The Kerala Story Review: The film 'The Kerala Story' is a story which depends on the genuine occurrences of strict transformation in Kerala. The film portrays how young ladies from a nursing school were indoctrinated into taking on Islam and joining the ISIS association. Strict change is definitely not another issue in India and this has been displayed before in many movies.

Over the most recent couple of years, many instances of constrained strict transformation because of adoration have become exposed, which is called 'Love Jihad'. Essentially, in the year 2016-18, numerous stunning cases became known in Kerala, in which young ladies had to take on Islam for reasons unknown or the other and they were ready for Islamic State for example ISIS. Sudipto Sen's experimental writing in the film has portrayed this issue delicately.

'Kerala Story' is a film in light of a genuine episode which is the narrative of four young ladies from a nursing school in Kerala who are unfortunately caught by a group working for ISIS in Kerala. The tale of this film begins with the capture of Shalini Unnikrishnan. Shalini Unnikrishnan is captured by Afghan security powers on psychological warfare charges. In spite of the fact that Shalini over and over tells the security powers that she is a casualty, she has been caught in the snare of psychological oppression with full preparation, however regardless of this nobody accepts Shalini and afterward in the flashback the narrative of the film Shalini The story starts in light of his episode.

As per the flashback story, Shalini goes to Kasaragod, Kochi to take confirmation in a nursing school to concentrate on nursing. There Shalini meets young ladies named Asifa, Geetanjali and Neema who are additionally Shalini's flat mates. Among those four young ladies, the two Shalini and Gitanjali are from Hindu family while Asifa is from Muslim and Neema is from Catholic Christian family. Asifa is in a mission mode which the three young ladies know nothing about and slowly Asifa begins her work by making Shalini her most memorable objective.

Ashifa is an expert psyche washer and with the assistance of preparing, she begins conditioning her three dearest companions. Step by step it begins to be imparted in his brain that Islam is the main religion that is really great for himself and there is no religion in this world better than Islam and for that reason each individual ought to acknowledge Islam and become a Muslim.

Consequently, this film depends on a grievous story in which a prepared fear monger like Asifa traps guiltless young ladies and powers them into an excruciating circumstance. These young ladies were falsely conditioned for the sake of Islam and afterward made pregnant. They were then shipped off unfamiliar nations where they were kept in long-lasting sanctuary places there.

The film has likewise shown how the groups of these young ladies face such countless hardships in finding them and how they need to confront the greatest troubles in the general public there. This film gives a significant message regarding the matter that we as a whole ought to regard each other's sentiments and societies. Download Movies Link